Monday, 27 August 2012


So, I've taken all the songs on my youtube account and a couple of new tunes and stuck em on bandcamp as an EP. visit the site :

I did this last week and a couple of blogs seem to have stumbled across it.

'DINGUS' is saying how romantic it all is. and how it winds you up and fills one with animal desires...

'Lost Lost Lost' reckon its like being on codine in old bath water...

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

new video and some words about it from Lost Lost Lost

Half Ratfangs, half Boy Or Bison, this is an old song that i forgot i did until recently, and i was halfway through watching this country dancing tutorial video when i came across it. so naturally i adhesed the two to pleasing effect. here's what a local blog decided to say about it:
lost lost lost / / a new music blog: ratfangs - the garden: Manchester's own answer to Ariel Pink - or at least, AP's prodigious workrate - Dominic Oliver unlocks another track from his enormous vaul...

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I See White starring some cats.

I did another video, in a similar vain to the Patric Swayze one. This time I've used footage from a VHS called MORE FROM THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF CATS that i picked up off ebay for a couple of quid. bit pricey but totally worth it when you consider that i got 6 hours of slow motion viewing out of it. It's a documentary on cats and how they can do dead good stuff like play the banjo or heal the sick. there's also a dog in there, but it's okay because he gets twatted by a pusspuss.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas song on Cherryade compilation

I was playing about with a song that sounded rather christmas-y a couple of weeks ago and decided to send it to a label that puts out yearly festive compilations. They have featured a song by my old band (chamber-punk art poppers, The Shrieking Violets) in the past. luckilly they enjoyed it and tacked it on the end at my request. Its probably going to be the most morose melancholy song on the rather fun looking tracklist, but who knows, maybe 'I'm a little Snowflake' by Bucky is a black dirge envoking isolation and yearning. It's still in the post so i am yet to hear the finished article. The previous cherryade comps have been a delight so it's worth a fiver for somthing to whack on in the background at your family getogether that isnt Bing Crosby. Order yours here:

It will be worth it to hear a band called Ace Bushy Striptease perform a song called Nightmare Before Christmas Featuring Sonic Youth And Shellac And Lightning Bolt Again​.​.​.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Shame Shame starring Patrick Swayze

 This was meant to have more cats and drunk men in make up in it. but my video of 'Swayze Dancing' I bought for 5 pence last week looked so good in slow motion that it just kind of took over....

Photos of Nation of Shopkeepers gig

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Leeds Show

Next gig, jutting over to Leeds for a night at Nation of Shopkeepers to play with Glasgow based artist KONX-OM-PAX who makes A/V video projections and plays skewed electronica (as far as i can make out). He's made videos for Mogwai and Warp records. Fair reet....

There will also be an exhibition on featuring, amongst other pieces, live illustrations projected onto huge screens and a video installation called 'My Mother was a Screen-Saver and slept with my Hard-Drive'

I will be accompanied by longtime friend and sometime collaborator, SCRUBBER FOX, who will be doing some visuals and what ever else he fancies on the night.

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